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Solar systems & products :

Various products are used for designing Renewable Energy based systems / applications.These include 

(1) Inverters : OFF-Grid , Grid tied , Hybrid   

(2) Charge controllers based on MPPT / PWM technology 

(3) Other balance of system parts like DC isolator , AC isolator , Surge protector (SPD) , Solar cables , Connectors  


1) Inverters /Micro inverters / PCU for Solar energy based systems  

(a) We Offer Grid type inverters starting from 1KW single phase / 5KW three phase applications.
(b) For smaller systems , we offer Micro inverters in 248W and 500W rating.
(c) For OFF Grid applications / battery based systems , we offer power conditioning units and Hybrid inverter
These products offer quality performance , excellent technical specs , longer warrantee. We also offer support in optimum product selection. These products offer "attractive return on investments". 

2) MPPT / PWM Charge controllers  

We offer competitive prices for MPPT and PWM technology based controllers of reputed manufacturers  
These products influence the system efficiency / ROI of the Solar system which makes their selection very crucial for the system performance. 

3) Surge protectors , DC isolators , Solar cables and balance of system components   

We offer a range of products used in solar systems .Solar panels generate DC Voltage and therefore require products designed for DC.
       A proper selection / product application is necessary to ensure trouble free operation of the system. The system design should be based    on good technical specifications and established practices / standards followed by experienced professionals / installers.  

4) Customized Solutions for Special applications , Home power kit applications and new application development

We undertake these developments to cater to the specific needs of customers.These include activities like design , technical consultancy for application development , support in product selection and supervisory installation services.