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Lighting products and Energy Savers :

These products are for lighting / illumination applications. These are based on either 

(1) Conventional / PL- L technology 

(2) LED technology

(3) Induction (LVD) technology


1) Conventional / " Value for Money " products for Lighting applications  

(a) We Offer Electronic ballasts suitable for fluorescent tube lights / dual tube lights .
These products offer good quality performance , excellent power factor , great energy Savings , basic over voltage / short circuit protections and features like Instant start and good return on investment 

(b) High bay lights based on PL-L lamps
These energy Savers use 4 * 36W or 5*36W PL- L configuration.

(c) Street lights based on PL-L lamps / Customized solutions
These energy saver street lights are offered in various configurations like 1 * 36W lamp up to 4 * 36W PL- L lamp 
These are IP65 products, offering excellent power factor and daylight performance. The enclosure is a light weight aluminium body - which is also easy to install and maintain. These products offer excellent quality and "Value for Money".

2) LED lighting products  

(a) We offer LED tube lights / lamps for domestic / industrial applications  
(b) We offer Street lights in various ratings for outdoor applications 

3) Induction technology based "Innovative" products   

(a) We offer LVD technology based "Innovative" products with excellent features like great Energy Saving , longer product life - apart from    lower life cycle costs / replacement & maintenance costs 
(b) Induction based High bay lights , Street lights , Flood lights and lights for special applications are also available